• Article by Eddie Speed Today more and more people are attracted to … [Continue Reading]

    What Should A New Real Estate Investor Do?
  • The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in … [Continue Reading]

    CT REIA Announces Its June 2015 Monthly Meeting With Real Estate Notes Expert Eddie Speed
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    Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 4)
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    Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 3)
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    Landing Page vs. Brand Page (Part 2)

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real estate club in CT

Article by Eddie Speed As a seasoned real estate investor you understand that you make your money when you buy and that is why you need to buy at a … [Read More]

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The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in association with Eddie Speed, is announcing its monthly meeting on June 15, 2015. … [Read More]

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Farming an Area to Wholesale

Question: Hi Linda, I just finished listening to Module 2 of Find It, Fix It, Flip It, or Keep It (www.ctreia.com) … and am working on “Farming” an area to wholesale. I am not sure what my priorities should be. Right now I am looking at a particular neighborhood. I simply chose the area because […]


UConn Final Four and CT REIA

Woohoo! UConn Men AND Women made it to the Final Four! Do I hear double championship this weekend? So what’s better than talking real estate and watching basketball? We will be done on Saturday in plenty of time to watch the game at 7pm. What does basketball have to do with real estate? – All […]

Robyn Thompson teaching at a CT REIA seminar

The Art of Negotiation: Did you ask for what you want?

So here’s what happened. I was checking into my flight at home and saw that I could buy online Wi-Fi for $14. This is a 5.5 hour flight so I thought to was a good deal, but sometimes I just like to chill on the plane. I figured I could sign up on the plane […]

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